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"How To Enjoy Several Side-Splitting Hours of Pure Entertainment - Provided To You Live and in Living Color By Your Cat and Honeysuckle Cat Toys...While You Are Relaxing On The Couch!"


I was worn out that week.  I received my power bill in the mail - they had under-estimated for the first 5 months of our living in this house and now my current bill was the "catch-up" bill.  Lovely.  Three times what it normally is.  What kind of budget can handle that?  


I went out the van to drive to the grocery store.  I turned the ignition.  The squeal that came from under the hood sounded like a 2 year old girl screaming out of control because you didn't let HER take the lid off HER sippy cup."  Oh great, what's wrong NOW?"  I decided to just drive away and a block later the squealing stopped - until next time. I made a nice dinner for my family.  We were just sitting down to eat and boom, my youngest daughter knocks over her glass.  Apple juice everywhere.  Flowing across the tabletop, pouring over the edge onto the chair, exploding on the floor - a mess of epic proportions.  How much apple juice can one cup hold?  Do you know how sticky apple juice is even after you wipe it up?  I had already cleaned up another spill that day. Again, our youngest daughter tipped over the cat's water dish in the pantry.  Not sticky ... but ... water ran under cans and bottles.  I had to move everything to clean it up.  AARGH!


Then I had to clean up the after dinner mess.  Oh, my kingdom for a dishwasher, a housecleaner, a chauffeur, a masseuse, and a personal assistant...


At that point Robin, my business partner, arrived.  She had just picked up a honeysuckle tree that her neighbour had cut down.  

We had read that cats like honeysuckle, so when her neighbour cut down his tree, we thought we might as well experiment.  She unloaded the cuttings on to my patio, and then we went inside to get a cool drink.


"I couldn't believe what I saw our cat Winnie doing! we stood there and laughed, then laughed some more! 

Here's a picture of her playing."


Winnie had discovered the "stash."  She couldn't get enough of rubbing every part of herself all over the wood. 

We stood there and laughed ... the laughed some more ... and then I ran and grabbed my camera!  I used a full roll of film, because I had 

NEVER seen Winnie react this way to anything.  About 20 minutes later we found her leaning up against a flower pot, content and resting.  She has never tired of playing with her honeysuckle - even after 8 years!


Aaah ... I felt great!  I sat down in my lawn chair, wiping the tears from my eyes from the laughter. "Whew! ... that was the best entertainment I've had in quite some time," I said to Robin.  My youngest daughter sat down in my lap, and I gave her a great big bear hug, then the spilled sticky apple juice,

and the power bill but a dim memory... the squealing van - parked quietly in the driveway not making a sound.


We Understand How Much You Love Watching Your Cat Have Fun!

I've heard many people joke about how their cats are their children, and quite frankly, they are!  We understand how much it means to you to find something that delights your kitty.  You can't help but smile and giggle as your cat discovers something for the first time - especially a new toy that they will play with over and over again. That's why we are offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you will feel safe trying honeysuckle for your cat.  Our toys are filled with 100% natural honeysuckle wood, hand harvested, hand trimmed and will provide many hours of frisky fun for your precious pet.  By now, I know you must be asking yourself, "But, is honeysuckle really safe for my delicate kitty?"


We've Sold Over 600,000 Honeysuckle Toys... Only Once Did Any Cat Ever Have An Allergic Reaction To Our Product

I was concerned about the very same thing before we started putting the honeysuckle inside of toys.  In fact, I was the one who held us back from making them for quite a number of months while my partner and family were urging me on.  FINALLY, I said "Okay, let's do some testing in supervised conditions."  So off to the drawing board (or in this case, my mom's sewing machine) - we started designing our very first toy - the Honeysuckle Cushion, which by the way, was created by my mom - thanks mom. Friends and family cats, cats in the our neighbourhoods  every cat we could find - test, test, test.  The results were awesome.  Even my best friends Bengal would search my purse every time I came over.  




While visiting my friend one day I could hear some rustling and looked over, and here's K-O (short for Knock Out) butt up, head first digging to the bottom of my bag.  We couldn't figure out what he was doing until he came out with a honeysuckle toy in his mouth.  


The same question kept popping up - "where can we get some more of these toys?" 


So, if you haven't done so already, head on over to Honeysuckle Cat Toys and check out our selection.  Make sure your credit cards are locked up after hours, or in the middle of the night, you might hear some strange sounds coming from the computer room ....


Enjoy Honeysuckle - we sure love making it for your cats.


Val Kurjata


In loving memory of Winnie with the beautiful blue eyes

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