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Kitty Kottage had a friend take some pictures of our honeysuckle cushions for a magazine article. 

Her cats Aria and Chai got in on the action.









They love their Honeysuckle Cushions, and we love Aria & Chai!


Thanks Melissa - great shots!

Check out Melissa's work at Raimondi Photography




I find the cats LOVE the honeysuckle ---I have had experiences with cat nip products where cat nip causes the cat to urinate---I once purchased a cat nip banana which cost $7 and had to throw it away as one of the cats totally drenched it in urine.  Also I found that my siamese becomes aggressive when she plays with a catnip toy.  She will growl and spit at the other cats.   I much prefer the honeysuckle.   And did you know the toy can be rejuvenated by dampening it and placing it into the refrigerator for awhile?  

L.M., Florida


FROM KITTY KOTTAGE:  Thanks Lori - I'm wondering if any of our other readers have found their cats react to catnip this way - and if it has to do with the brand of catnip.  I brought a catnip toy home once (that we did not make) and one of our cats did the same thing, but has never done that to any of our Kitty Kottage catnip toys.  Please e-mail if you've had this same experience, and if you have any explanation for it!  Thanks!




We received these really great pictures from one of our most recent "fans".  His name is Tai and he's a real handsome fellow.  Especially take note of the Honeysuckle Mouse and then the "Fan Mail" from his owner Simon.  And best of all - they're Canadian!







"My cat (2 year old Tonkinese) just loves your Honeysuckle Mouse. It’s his little buddie and he goes everywhere with it. I’ve already gone through 4 of them as he ends up chewing them up to shreds. He will not play with any other toys or mice. I don’t understand it. I have a rather large pile of other toys just sitting there with nobody to play with. He also love’s to play fetch with it…much like a dog…kinda weird if you ask me. It’s gotten to the point that I have to have multiple mice around just in case he loses one under the couch. He actually get’s depressed when he doesn’t have his little buddie around. As soon as I find it for him, he goes NUTS! He amuses himself for hours. Kinda makes us jealous…but whatever keeps him happy is ok with me."

Simon, Ontario, Canada










Gianni was so silly after playing with his new toys, he jumped upon the stone dog's head!  It's now a favorite place for him!   He's a Devon Rex.  He's 18 months old.  I adopted him last February ...  Again, he loves his new toys, thanks for providing honeysuckle cat toys. 






"I just ordered 10 bottles of your honeysuckle spray. I work for the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society in Washougal, Wa.  I introduce our  (feral catcher) who goes out and rescues, and does catch/spay/neuter and release and she is using the honeysuckle to help capture the little darlings so she can get them in to the vet or into the shelter.  She sprays down the trap and they can't resist, even the wildest, wary tomcats!  She is tickled to death, makes her life a lot easier. 

I also use it to help soothe the one who are on display at adoption centers. And when I get new kitties (I foster them and have anywhere from 14 - 40 living in my house at one time. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you and I have recommended your web site to all the 'cat avengers'."

P.P., Washington




"All's well here. The honeysuckle spray is helping my kitties remain calm even though I've just put the three who like each other with the one who's aggressive and a newcomer, into one bedroom, while I babysit my daughter's dog in the rest of the house. The dog is pretty big but has two cats and four new-born kittens at home and is the stand-in kitten sitter with approval of the mom-cat at my daughter's house. But my three cats aren't friends with any dogs and they have an anti-cat neighbor dog so this is traumatic for them when I don't have honeysuckle spray all over the room I put them into. The dog is here now and, thanks to the honeysuckle spray, three of the cats are all quiet, curled up, looking content, and the fourth is all stretched out now, sleeping! I've baby-sat this dog 4 time. The 1st 2 were with honeysuckle to help keep it stress free. The 3rd time, the dog came before I was ready and I hadn't sprayed the honeysuckle. The difference was like night and day. The cats yowled to get out, then hid under the bed and make pitiful mew noises. I made sure I was ready this time!

When we all had to get out of the house and yard due to exterior and interior work on our house, I had to put all the cats into my van and drive a round for a couple hours. They survived, once again, with the honeysuckle spray, plus lots of kitty cushions and I was able to let them out of their cat carriers to explore the van. Without the honeysuckle they don't calm down in the car at all, whether in or out of their carriers, not to mention the added tension of having to be so close to the cat who doesn't like any of them, and her so close to any other cats at all, since she's chased other cats away, all her life, until now that she has to live with us.  

But my three cats are the kind that think honeysuckle means security, happiness and love, apparently making them feel something like safe little kittens, for they cuddle it, lick it, rub their heads against it and kneed it, smile with their eyes, mouths, cheeks and are all whiskers and ears forward. Sometimes they play with Honeysuckle items a little, but mostly they cuddle with them. I did catch my biggest cat playing with the big long honeysuckle toy the other day! ;-) "

Best wishes,
- I.C., California




I put the toys in my lunch bag, and when I arrived home last night had actually forgotten about them being there for a moment. Soon, I see Trapper ransacking the bag; he had nosed his way in and came out with the pink “sock-like” toy and ran away with it. In his usual fashion, he was rolling around on the floor and his eyes looked like he was headed straight to kitty heaven. Our other cat, Raffi, is an “old soul” and rarely gets revved up about anything—even he was in overdrive, rolling around and rubbing the toy all over his face. 

J.W., Edmonton, Alberta Canada


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