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Get together and order with your friends and create a toybox your cat(s) will never forget.

Every Cat Deserves Honeysuckle At Least Once
In EACH of It's Nine Lives!


Go to What is Honeysuckle? if you have some questions about Honeysuckle for cats.

Please note that if you are ordering from within the United States,

we require your phonenumber for Canada Post.

They will not allow us to ship without it.  Thanks so much!


Honeysuckle Teaser Mouse

Our Newest Honeysuckle Toy


The Honeysuckle Teaser Mouse is attached to a braided jute twine rope with a loop at the end - so you can either hang it on a doorknob or hold on for dear life!  Approximately 35" long.  Mouse body filled with honeysuckle.


Honeysuckle Spray

"If Your Cat Is Destroying Your Furniture or Your Carpet, Then Use This Spray On Their Scratch Post!"

2 oz mister bottle of pure Honeysuckle Spray that you can use to rejuvenate toys, spray on scratching posts, on pet beds, to attract your feline friend to where you want them to go. Even on yourself :-) You will be much loved for getting this. 


Honeysuckle Cushion

STILL The All Time Favorite Of Cats Around The World!


Cotton cat print with generous amounts of Honeysuckle inside. 

A great cat exerciser.  Watch them play off the weight!  And never worry about durability.  They will lose it before wearing it out!  The toy that is ... er the weight ...


Honeysuckle Mouse

"Our Bubba Cat Thinks He's A Dog and Plays Fetch With This Mouse All The Time!  Woof!"


Made with fun fur and a jute twine tail - easy for your cat to hide and play with later.  Or fetch.  Seriously, he will run and fetch the mouse, bring it back, drop and wait for another throw ...


Click to read a review that the Ragdolls at did on our Honeysuckle Cushion. 

Many thanks to Jenny for doing this review

Honeysuckle Funky Mouse

"They Say That Cats Are Color Blind ... But My Cat Prefers The Lime Green!"


Our original mouse was such a big hit with the felines that we decided to step it up a notch - with some funky colors!  Your cat might ask you if this mouse is from another country ...


Honeysuckle Playmat

"Keysha Says They Are MEOWRIFFIC!  And Her Favorite For Sleeping On The Back Of The Couch!"


Measures approx. 9" x 12".  Playmats are made with a variety of cat prints with a solid color coordinated cotton backing.  1/3 cup cat attracting Honeysuckle inside - they will be your cat's favorite too!


Honeysuckle Socks
- Co-ordinating Pair

Puss 'N Boots says, "These Socks Smell Way Better Than The Ones I Wear..."


Handcrafted and the pair filled with the rich cat attracting aroma of Honeysuckle!  These socks will NEVER stink!  And of course, they have to come in pairs ... one solid color - one co-ordinating print.

$4.19 (Set of 2)

Honeysuckle Body Pillow
- SMALL - 7" long

"Why Small Body Pillows Have Become Their Toy of Choice!"


When a small cat sees what their big brother can do - they hafta try too!  You'll let them - won't you?  Made with veloba fabric in various animal prints.


Honeysuckle Squirrel

"What In The World Is That?!"


In the summer, one of our resident cats, Bubba, daily brings home birds and rodents.  Until one day ... he brought home a squirrel ... a shock, but hey! who says cats don't have a discerning palate?!  So we thought, "Bubba, you're a genius!"  And he said, "Meow, MEOW, trill, purrrr ... (Interpretation - "Thank you, thank you very much - I'm here 'til Thursday..." - if you don't know what a "Trill" is then you don't own a cat.  Approx. 6.5" long.


Honeysuckle Funky Pillow

"Perfect For Your Cat To Sleep On ... If Your Cat Actually Sleeps At Night!


5" x 5" ... and soft ... all sorts of funky colors ... and 3 tablespoons of honeysuckle.  Loads of fun for everyone!




Honeysuckle Variety Pak - 3 toys!

"Against Their Better Judgment - Pet Owners Spoil Their Cats Rotten!  Cats Say, 'Bring It On!"


Who else wants to be the favorite human in the house?  Now you can win all the points and stay in the good books of ALL of your cats!  This variety pak is perfect for an "Anytime Present" for households with more than one cat.  Each of your little fur kids will have their own, so they won't be fussing with each other ... well .. at least that's the plan ...




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