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Kitty Kottage is a family owned and operated business, operating since 1993.


Robin Nesimiuk and Valerie Kurjata started the business in 1993, based on their love of all kinds of animals.  Robin even worked part time at 3 veterinary clinics while in high school.  The question we hear the most is:  "do you even own animals?"  The answer is, yes, Valerie had 2 cats (Bubba and Keysha - who are no longer with us) and Robin has 1 dog (Molly - miniature daschund) and they have tested many products over the years!  You will see some pictures of our pets demonstrating our products through the website.


Kitty Kottage has been manufacturing The Amazing Honeysuckle Cat Toys since 1995, adding Doodads For Dogs and Pets For Breast Cancer in 2004.  These product lines will be added to our website over the coming months.

About Us

The Real Truth About


Read some Kitty Kottage facts about Honeysuckle!

What Is Honeysuckle?

Although there are 68 species of the lonicera family of honeysuckle - vines, bushy shrubs and rangy trees growing throughout the world, only one seems to attract cats.

I Never Laughed So Hard...
"How To Enjoy Several Side-Splitting Hours of Pure Entertainment - Provided To You Live and in Living Color By Your Cat and Honeysuckle Cat Toys...While You Are Relaxing On The Couch!"

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