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We are currently not receiving any orders for our Amazing Honeysuckle Cat Toys.  

Watch here for updates!


 Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!

What Is Honeysuckle?

The Real Truth

I've never laughed so hard....

Although there are 68 species of the lonicera family of honeysuckle - vines, bushy shrubs and rangy trees growing throughout the

world, only one seems to attract cats.

"How To Enjoy Several Side-Splitting Hours of Pure Entertainment - Provided To You Live and in Living Color By Your Cat and Honeysuckle Cat Toys...While You Are Relaxing On The Couch!"

About honeysuckle, that is!

 Read some Kitty Kottage

facts about Honeysuckle!

Fan Mail

Kitty Kottage had a friend take some pictures of our honeysuckle cushions for a magazine article.  Her cats Aria and Chai got in on the action...

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